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Social Strategies for Seniors

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The SuiteLiving360 invitation 

We issue an invitation to seniors, but mainly women everywhere to explore, together, a quality life and a quality lifestyle. While we focus primarily on affordable housing, we also stress learning to lead a healthy, creative life, while enjoying a decent standard of living, with independence, dignity,  self-esteem, and the respect for oneself, others, and the environment.

the 360 Solution

suiteLiving360 repurposes existing larger single family homes to create FIVE single suites or units. “Finally an affordable housing idea that works for me”

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the 360 Woman

suiteLiving360 targets single women 55+ who are living in an affordable & innovative community

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the 360 Lifestyle

Not just housing! In addition to supplying truly affordable housing, residents will benefit from the project’s Added Value approach to improving quality of life.

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With the support of New Horizons for Seniors program suiteLiving360 does projects to benefit seniors especially senior women.

Intergenerational Mentoring
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Affordable  housing &  
  quality lifestyle

financially viable and  environmentally sustainable 

360 Solution

a new way of thinking

suitePEAS leads a new wave of micro housing – small, compact, low cost, low tech, low risk, innovative and  affordable housing designed to meet immediate needs! 

a unique 360 Lifestyle framework 

Learn about the 3 components to increase quality of life 
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Residents can share amenities such as common area spaces, vacation
rentals, travel, and more … and possibly the most valuable shared resource of
all - companionship  

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Residents will benefit from the synergy of exchanging their experiences, skills, and wisdom with the educated and technology savvy generation of today’s youth

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Residents will have the opportunity to be further trained, and be able to earn extra income, if desired or required, by using their skills and talents. 

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Finding new solutions to old challenges!